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Saint Thomas Medical Libraries: Research

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The Science in Research

"Research is conducted according to the researcher’s intention, their purpose, and the paradigm they’re operating from within. While many people use the word “research” to loosely mean “gathering information” scientists use this word in a more specific way.

The term “research” in a scientific context usually refers to the entire scientific method from start to finish. The information gathering portion of the scientific method is more properly called a “review.”"- , (Oct 3, 2008). Definition of Research. Retrieved Jun 18, 2019 from

Center of Evidence Based Medicine: Study Designs

According the Center of Evidence Based Medicine study designs include:

  • A defined population (P) from which groups of subjects are studied
  • Outcomes (O) that are measured

Experimental and analytic observational studies also include

  • Interventions (I) or exposures (E) that are applied to different groups of subjects

Click here: CEBM  to go to a description of each research study type, their strengths and weaknesses; 2019.6.18

See the Literature Searching page to learn about critically appraising studies.


Casting a wider search net: Grey Literature

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